Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Meaning of Gratitude in Our World

The word gratitude.   What does it really mean?   It isn't a word you hear too often and when you do it is usually in a signature (with gratitude) or in a book/story.   In place of the word gratitude, we tend to hear words that are similar to this word, like thankful, appreciation, thanks, and grateful.   

When I watched a clip about gratitude today, the meaning behind this word gained a whole knew meaning to me.  If you are human like me, you may forget how much each day is a gift and a blessing.   I know I do.   

Today I was literally awestruck after I watched a TedX Talk by Louie Schwartzberg.   Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials.    His work is truly beautiful and in a sense mesmerizing.   He has a gift of capturing the beautiful things and natural occurrences in our world through cinematography.   You can see some of his work in action and how he fell in love with this form of art called, time-lapse photography.   The images he captures are indescribable.  Watch his full TedX Talk here. 

Louie's TedX Talk is about gratitude and appreciation.  Louie discusses his work and asks why aren't we grateful for our brains that can take electric impulses that come from light energy to create images in order for us to explore our world? Nature's beauty (that we rarely stop to take in) is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude. (so powerful and true).   

He also showcases a documentary project he is working on called a "Happiness Revealed."  "Happiness Revealed" gives a glimpse into this perspective from the point of view of a child and an elderly man in our world.   The little girl's thoughts of imagination and the gentleman's rich and powerful words will move you.  

I highly recommend you take a moment, stop whatever it is you are doing and watch this talk.

Will you look at the sky more?   Will you really open your heart to the gifts we see each and everyday?   Will you wake up tomorrow with more gratitude to have another day here?   Will you look at each day as if it is your first day or last day here in this beautiful place? 

I hope this opens your heart, mind and eyes like it did mine.  I am inspired everyday by the people I meet and interact with and I am going to work harder at slowing down my life so I don't miss the precious moments every day has. 

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