Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cooking Made Easy- Just Wok It!

One of the best cooking items I have ever bought myself was a Wok.   It is easy, fun, and fast.   I was on the hunt for a really good Wok and saw Crate & Barrel had Calphalon Wok's (which is a really great brand for pots & pans FYI).   The price was outrageous and instead of paying $249 for the Calphalon Wok, I decided to go to my most favorite home appliances store, Home Goods to see if they had it.  Sure enough I not only found the exact same one I saw at Crate & Barrel, but the Wok was priced $49.99!  Talk about being a max-a-nista!   On a side note, if you have a Home Goods or a TJ Max in your city, I highly recommend you check out this store.  I find the best deals on amazing brand name cookware and entertaining pieces there!

To go with my Wok, I decided to purchase some reusable chop sticks.   What fun is eating stir-fry if you don't have chopsticks?  Plus I am trying to be more "green" these days and throwing away chopsticks is a waste, especially when I can buy plastic reusable chopsticks for $4 per pack of 6 at World Market.

A Wok was a great gift to myself, but a Wok is a great bridal shower gift, holiday gift and a housewarming gift!  Calphalon makes beautiful cookware and this is the exact Wok that I have.  It is fabulous and is super easy to clean!  (Note- Calphalon cookware is not dishwasher friendly, you must hand wash them.)

There are a lot of great Wok brands and they can come in some really fun colors!  Le Creuset has Wok's without handles and in a bunch of fun colors like red, orange, green and blue!  Bodum Chambord has fun colors too!  Target has a great selection too!

If you are like me and have little time during the week to dedicate to cooking, getting a Wok is an excellent solution.  The meals I make are are incredibly healthy and take little time to make! 

A Wok isn't good just for making Stir-Fry, it is also great for making other dishes like stew, rice dishes, and cooking meats for lettuce wraps.   My boyfriend and I cannot get enough of our Wok.  We use it probably 2-3 times a week.  For some inspiration, the Food Network has some fantastic Wok recipes

Some meals we have made our chicken, scrambled eggs and vegetables with teriyaki sauce, shrimp stir-fry with soy sauce over whole wheat noodles, and pork chops with mixed vegetables over rice. A Wok is a perfect way to use all the remaining foods you have in your refrigerator.   There really isn't a food that you cannot make in a Wok.

Shrimp Stir-Fry (Photo by Ready Set Eat)

Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry

Being a woman in my mid-twenties, learning how to cook is an important skill to have especially if you want to be an entertainer as well.   Cooking is a trial and error and so far, I have yet to make a bad meal with my Wok!   Also my boyfriend LOVES cooking with it too and trying new food combinations. 

Have I made you hungry yet??  I promise you, cooking can be made easy if you just Wok it.  I challenge you to go out and buy a Wok and try it out.  I think you will find yourself enjoying cooking a lot more!
Do you have a Wok? If so, I would love any recipe ideas!! 

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