Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy Days with Style

With all of this rain fall here in Chicago, I thought I would try to make "light" of all the rainy days we have been having since April.    Who says you can't be fashionable even when it is crummy out?    To help I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE and must-have's for Spring and Summer showers.

Rain Boats:
Hunter Wellies!  I love mine.  I have the tall wellies so I can wear them both in the Winter and the Spring.   I love having versatile and year-round items.    Not to mention they are extremely comfortable and are light.   I highly recommend purchasing these boots.     They also come in a ton of colors so you can have a "pop" of color during those gloomy days.   Target also makes some really fun patterned rain boots, in case your budget needs a cheaper option.   I have a pair in polka dots too to change them up from my Hunter Wellies.   I have had my Target pair for years and love them.  
Hunter Welllies

Target Rain Boots

If you live in the Windy City like I do, then you probably know how frequently and easy it is to have your umbrella break.   I have gone through SO MANY umbrellas since I have lived here and I have been determined to find a brand that can withstand our wind gusts.   I recently discovered the umbrella brand: Totes.  They make really durable and fun umbrellas.   I currently have a polka pot umbrella- super fun and cute.  It is the perfect size too for me to carry in my bags.  

I love this one because it is clear!

Rain Jackets:
Rule of thumb- the thinner the better!!  I use to wear my ski coat because it had a hood thinking it would do the trick.  It ended up not being helpful.   The jacket is way too thick and I would be overheated by the time I made it to the subway after walking for five minutes!   I decided to purchase a lighter rain coat and found that Marmot makes great jackets!  Patagonia and The North Face make excellent rain jackets too.   They are durable, breathable and light- everything you need in the perfect rain jacket!   I recently purchased The North Face- W Resolve Jacket in the berry lacqur color.   It matches perfectly with my umbrella!


The North Face


The North Face- W Resolve Jacket

How do you stay fashionable in the Spring/Summer and stay dry during the rainy months?   I would love to hear any tips you have. 

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