Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time

I am currently extremely busy at work and I have not had the time to blog lately.  Hopefully once our Annual Luncheon is over with next Wednesday, I will be back to some form of a routine.   April is always one of our busiest months at work, mostly because of our annual event.   This year we have U.S. Secretary of State, Arne Duncan as our guest speaker.   We are thrilled and have received an unbelievable response for attendees and sponsorships.    It is really cool to see the event slowly coming together.   After months and months of preparation, planning, creating, you can slowly see the puzzle pieces coming together.    That is one of my favorite aspects of event planning- seeing the FINAL picture.    Hopefully this year's event will give my organization the boost in funds and gain new prospects.     I will be sure to talk about this event once the craziness digresses.   

On another note it occurred to me this morning as I was walking to the subway, why I was so happy.    I am happy because I forgot how much I love the month of April.    The flowers are starting to come out, the weather is turning warmer,  and the days are longer.    What is there not to love about April?    Even the rainstorms bring me smiles.    When the rain falls, the world slowly becomes greener and full of live again.   The birds are chirping every morning and you cannot help but feel happy.    With our big blizzard here and what feels like an EXTREMELY long winter,  I think we are all ecstatic to have our cold, dreary days over-with.

Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is already becoming a hopping place again.   One of my favorite things to do is walk along the lake soaking in the sunshine and starring at the beautiful city that I live in.   This is also one of my favorite times to go for jogs.    The weather is not too warm,  the air isn't heavy and the bugs aren't fully out.    I hope to be able to enjoy this month outdoors as much as I possibly can.    Time is not slowing down and I need to make sure I get my time with the Spring in.    

Mojitos also mean warm weather to me.  I love Mojitos, especially when they have Pomegranate juice (especially POM) in them.     They are refreshing, delicious and taste great with every kind of food.    If you are looking for a great Mojito recipe this is one that I highly recommend.  It is a easy, fun, and a cool addition to any spring/summer party.   See other ways to use POM to make fun cocktails.

What is your favorite part of Spring?  What do you like to do in April?

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb


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