Monday, April 11, 2011

Food Weaknesses

Dear Food Weaknesses (you know who you are),

Why do you have to be so delicious?   You make me and my stomach happy, but I feel guilty when I splurge on you.   And yet I crave each of you all the time.   I can eat you any time, day or night (even in the middle of the night!)   Aside from being "bad" for me, you happen to be extremely easy to eat on-the-go.   Almost TOO easy.     Why can't you just play hard to get?   You must really know my weak spots.   I wish I could control my cravings and learn when to say NO to YOU.    But you make it EXTREMELY difficult to say NO to your face.    If you weren't around then this would not be as much of a problem.    So here it is.    I need a break.......  I need to expand my eating horizon and not rely on you to give me instant satisfaction and energy I need.    It is time for me to grow up.   

My metabolism is not what is use to be and being an adult I am no where near as active as I use to be.    I am an adult now.   The eat anything I want, whenever I want mentality- those days are LONG GONE.   I need to make sure that I am eating something from each tier in the food pyramid- everyday.   No more excuses.    I promise I am not leaving you entirely, I just need to teach myself to not depend on you.   The are other foods out there that my body should be receiving.    Carbs, you are a staple and my favorite food.   Sweets, you I hope you understand.    The only thing that will be different is the amount of time we spend together.    My portions need to be cut a little so I have room for the other foods.   I hope you can find it inside your ingredients to forgive me and accept my request.  My overall demeanor will benefit from this and I promise that this is not a goodbye.    It is solely something I need to do for me.  

With love,


Why do the things I love the most have to be "bad" for you?  Why are they the easiest to "stock" up on AND the fastest things to make??  

If carbohydrates and sweets were more than okay to eat, then I would be on cloud 9.   Instead, they are the reason why I get tired, feel rundown, and can sometimes make the ibs. fluctuate.    With my job, having a regular workout schedule can be challenging.   No matter how much I try to fit in a workout,  my workouts are no where near as extreme or at as high of an impact as they use to be.   I try to workout 3-4 times a week if I am lucky, whereas in High School I was active almost 6 days a week.    This is a BIG change both for my health and my metabolism.   I need to figure out how to keep my body healthy in sync with my lifestyle changes.  I know it will benefit me in the long run but it is going to be challenging to be better about portion control with carbs and sweets.

What foods do you tend to eat more than others?   Do you go for foods similar to me?    How do you help ensure that you are eating more balanced meals each day?   I would love to hear your thoughts.....

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