Friday, March 4, 2011

Carnival in the Sky

Last Friday was a night to remember, especially for our champions.   The Young Associates Board hosted their 12th Annual Children’s Challenge fundraising event.   Proceeds from the event go to raise money for research and family programs for children being treated for brain tumors at Children's Memorial Hospital.   

CARNIVAL IN THE SKY was held at the Mid America Club in the Aon Center!  Guests enjoyed a night of snacks, open bar, and carnival games such as pop–a–shot, Plinko and Bozo Buckets.   Auction prizes included an iPad, sporting event tickets, signed memorabilia, airline tickets, hotel stays, a photo session donated by the lovely Jordan Quinn, and so much more.  

YAB Plinko Game

Schneider Logistics team with our champion, Jordana

2 Legged Race

This particular YAB event is one of my favorites because the event is for the people who benefit from the money we raise.    The event is a team focused event.  Each team of 5-6 adults is paired with an enthusiastic patient champion from Children’s Memorial’s pediatric brain tumor clinic to participate in a friendly competition of carnival inspired games and much, much more! To see more photos from the event, check us out on Facebook.

Before the closing of the evening, each champion patient has a moment to shine- where they do a choreographed dance with their sponsoring team.  The look on the kids faces are worth more than money can buy.   The entire evening is dedicated to them and to make them feel like a super star.  

It is truly amazing and inspiring to see the children, who are only children but dealing with so much.  I feel so honored and lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of an organization that works hard to raise money so that research and findings can be done to help these children.    I am humbled every time I get to meet a patient and the family members and I carry their stories deep inside, motivating me to do more.  

*  Brain tumors are the leading cause of death in children by disease
*  Brain tumors represent 20% of all childhood cancers
*  There are over 15 different types of brain tumors diagnosed in children
*  Everyday, about 46 children in the United States will be diagnosed with  a brain tumor
 *  About 1 out of 5 children with cancer dies. The survivors live with devasting late-stage and long term effects
*  Many brain tumors have no known cure
*  Often times, children die from the side effects of the treatment instead of the actual cancer itself
*  Research for pediatric cancers and especially brain tumors remain grossly underfunded
*  Therapies developed for adult cancers often are not effective for childhood cancer and many do not cross the blood-brain barrier.

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