Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Must Have's

Lately I have been in love with some items I recently purchased and I thought I would share them with you.   Being a city gal I am all about products that are affordable, practical and timeless.    Most items I get into are because of recommendations or tips friends and colleagues give me so why not pass them on to others?   So here are some of my must-have's. 

One thing that I really despise are socks that fall off my feet, especially when I am wearing shoes.   You know the feeling.    When you are wearing boots and you can feel the sock slowly bunching up on the bottom of your foot or you are running and your ankle is suddenly rubbing against the heel of your shoe.    That is what I despise.    But have no fear!   I have found the solution- Smart Wool socks.    Their socks come in a variety of colors, sizes and heights.   They are perfect for when the weather turns colder. I wear them inside my rain boots and around the house.   This light cushioned sock is breathable and stays on your foot without moving around inside your shoes.    If you are an outdoor runner or a walker, I recommend the Woman's PhD Running Ultra Light Micro.    These socks are PERFECT for when it is mild weather.     

You can purchase these socks at a variety of locations:  REI, Zappos, and Moosejaw.  Nordstrom Rack currently has some styles REALLY on sale (this is where I bought mine) so get them while supplies last!

My next must-have item is the Circle Scarf from American Apparel.    The scarf comes in a variety of colors and is a really soft and light fabric.  My favorite part about this scarf is that you can wear it THIRTEEN different ways.   Yes thirteen!   How cool is that?    See below all the different ways you can wear this scarf.    I wear the scarf all the time and have worn it two different ways so far.    I doubt I will wear it every way that you can but the versatility of the product is simply amazing.    I currently have it in black but am hoping to get it in another bright color for spring time.

A must-have for people who workout and who just love water bottles, I highly recommend purchasing a Camelbak better bottle.  I use to be a Nalgene girl but when time and time again I would spill water all over me when running on a treadmill or sitting on my spinning bike.   I would buy plastic water bottles at the gym because I didn't like carrying a bulky water bottle in my bag and I sick of spilling on myself.     Now with my Cambelbak bottle, I don't think I could ever cheat on it.    They are 100% BPA-Free, dishwasher friendly and all you have to do is flip up the top, bite and sip!  It is also spill-proof and easy to carry with you.    You can hook it onto your purse or bag and is really light even when full of water.   

What are some of your MUST Have's lately?   Any products you suggest I try?  Do you use any of these products?

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