Wednesday, January 26, 2011


LOVE  is one of my favorite words and is a word I like to use A LOT.    I say it as a term of endearment, as a descriptive word, and way for me to express emotion.    What is there not to LOVE about the word LOVE?   I love telling people I love them and close my notes, letters, emails with love as a way to show how much I care.    Perhaps I use the word too much at times when I am describing something or consoling someone (don't worry love; it will be okay love; Ill always be here for you lover).    The list is endless for how I use the word and I don't think I will ever stop using it.

Since I am feeling the lovin',  I thought I would share some things that I LOVE to hopefully inspire you to think about what things you LOVE.

So here I go, brought to you by me.

My mom's banana bread.
Cheese- Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella,  Parmesan, basically any type of cheese.
Tollhouse cookie dough  and homemade baked goods.
Getting flowers as a gift
Watch movies
Going for walks (anywhere, anytime)
Gerald Butler (he is amazing in Phantom of the Opera and P.S. I Love You).
Ralph by Ralph Lauren for Women perfume
Diet Coke and Wine (how can you not love them?)
Sweatshirts and workout clothes
Golden Retrievers
Listening to music (favorite artists: Lady Gaga, Coldplay, One Republic, Dave Matthews Band & Enya)
Peanut Butter M&M's
Love receiveing handwritten letters and notes.
My boyfriend, my family, my friends.
Making people smile- no matter how I do it.

I am in LOVE with this picture that I took of the sculpture Love, by Robert Indiana.    This sculpture lives in Scottsdale, AZ outside of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.    Other versions of his original sculpture are located in a Philadelphia, New York, and Indianapolis.   I hope to see as many of them as I can in my lifetime.  

This is one of my most favorite wedding scenes from my all-time favorite movie, Love Actually.  

What do you love?     Whose love fills you up everyday?    What things do you love to do?   I'd love to hear from you.....

"All you need is love." ~ The Beatles.

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  1. I love amazing, energetic colleagues like you! I love knowing that I can always count on you. And I love this blog - I look forward to reading more!