Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's All About the Ride

For a couple years now I have been really into spinning.     My interest was triggered when I took my 1st spinning class thanks to the influence of my friend Carly, at a gym in my hometown.    The dark room, the fast paced music and the humming sound of wheels spinning on the front of the stationary bikes.    My instructor was intense!   She was the tiniest woman and was a real spitfire.    She would yell at people who were resting when we were "out of our horse" and I was terrified but at the same time motivated.    The real kicker was when I looked over after forty minutes into my first class and saw a pregnant woman (who was easily six months pregnant) absolutely kicking my butt.    She didn't even take a single break the entire class!    Right then and there I was hooked.     I wanted to be able to make it through an entire class without having to rest just like her.

So here I am four years later and still hooked.    For those of you who are not familiar with spinning,  spinning is one of the BEST workouts you can do.    Spinning can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout -- burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape.     Going into my 1st spinning class I was convinced it would be a breeze, because what is so exhausting and hard about riding a bike right?    A spinning bike is designed to work your body all over.   Calves, thighs, hamstrings, abs, arms, butt.    It is a total body workout.

Living in a city without a car makes it extremely hard for me to get to and from places, especially a gym.    Between walking, to and from public transportation, waiting for the train, on average it can take me up to two hours for me to get to and from a gym and do a workout.

My work schedule is always unpredictable and I am finding it to be more difficult for me to find time to workout.     Working out is my "me" time and one of my favorite past times.    My whole life I grew up being active and I just love the way I feel after a workout.    Powerful, energized, and good.    I sometimes stress myself out because I want to make sure I can get a workout in a few days a week, and would worry how I can fit it into my day during the weekdays.    

So I purchased myself a ProForm 290 SPX bike last weekend and I could not be happier.    Knowing I have a way to workout in case I get held up at work, want to get a quick workout in, or know I don't have enough time to go to the gym, I can just go downstairs and spin away.    Just knowing I have the bike as a back-up option is already going to help me not be so worried and stressed out.    

It is an investment for my health and for myself.    Sometimes we need to treat ourselves and find ways to make life better.    Spinning is something I truly enjoy and now I can do it whenever I want.     It is a great workout for anyone and everyone.    I really recommend you try a class.     To see how to spin, check out these videos.     The second video is a video done by Self Magazine, which is my favorite health magazine. :)


Have you ever taken a spinning class?     Have you rewarded yourself recently?  If so what did you do?

“Riding for me it was always a simple passion.” ~ Lance Armstrong

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