Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girlfriends & Engagements

Since December, three of my best friends have been popped the big question by the loves of their lives.   The four words EVERY girl dreams about and excitedly awaits to hear one day, are "will you marry me?"  

Being a girl, you fantasize about how the love of your life will surprise you and make your engagement truly special.    Each proposal that my girlfriends received were romantic, sweet, and unique in their own ways.    Their fiances not only made sure they surprised their soon-to-be-wives but do it in a way that was perfect for them.   

Last Friday, I received a late night phone call from my childhood friend Sarah.   I immediately grabbed my phone because I have always made a point in my friendships to always be there for my friends no matter what.   As soon as I picked up my phone and said "Hi Sarah!!," the three words every best friend awaits to hear came immediately out of her mouth, " I AM ENGAGED!!"  I was in shock.    Shock not because I didn't know it was coming because I did.  I was more in shock because I had been anticipating this day for years and years.    I was in shock because her moment had finally arrived and my best friend Sarah had found the man of her dreams.    Throughout our friendship, we have shed countless tears, moments of heartache, single nights out dancing, decisions to make, lengthy talks and moments of joy.    No matter what she experienced, I knew her day would come when Mr. Perfect would fall into her life and he did.  

Of course three minutes into the phone call I start to cry.   Tears of joy, shock, excitement, happiness, and of love.    I wanted to hear everything!   How did he propose?  What does the ring look like?  As she told her story, I took in every word and placed it deep inside my memory box to never forget this moment.     This was one of those moments a girl never forgets.    The phone call I was envisioning receiving from the days we became best friends was actually happening.

Even now I am ECSTATIC for her and for Katlin and Karin.    The men that have won their hearts and souls are the luckiest guys and I am confident they know that themselves.    Sarah, Katlin and Karin are amazing, strong, loving, and independent women who deserve nothing but the best.

Love is such an amazing thing and when you are blessed to find that other half, everything becomes more beautiful and more full.    Your heart and mind become forever changed in a way that is almost impossible to describe.    There is nothing I want more for my girlfriends than for them to be in love and happy.

With Sarah being so far away,  I have to wait to give her a big hug and kiss on the check.  I can't tell her fiance how happy I am for them.   How much I love him and how thrilled I am that he found Sarah.   I wish I didn't have to wait to see her, to see the ring.   I so desperately want to drink champagne and celebrate with her and show her how much I am happy for her.   It makes me sad that I can't cuddle up next to her while she spills all the details more in depth.  Even though I am far away and the scenario I had always envisioned is not possible, the fact that I received a phone call moments after the proposal, that to me means the most.    I know no matter what that I am a part of this special and exciting time for her.   

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have such amazing friends in my life and I am even more grateful that they love me as much as I love them.    Girlfriends are a big piece in the puzzle called life and no matter how much we love our significant others, girlfriends fill those extra aspects in ways that a man never could.    My girlfriends mean the world to me and I am love them with all of my heart.   I cannot wait to be there for them during this time and to be a part of this next chapter of their lives.

I love you Sarah, Katlin and Karin, enjoy this exciting time in your lives and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.   Cheers to love, life, and happiness.

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