Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Career Change

Hello faithful followers!! I am so sorry I have been so M.I.A.   There is so much I want to tell you but have had no time to blog.  I know I know, lame excuse.    The thing I can tell you is that I have made a big change in my life recently.    I followed my heart and took my life to a new direction.    I closed one chapter of my life and have now started a new chapter.    The change I am referring to is a career change.

After working for the same organization for almost three years, I grew tired and yearning for change.   I was hungry for new challenges, experiences, environment and work dynamic so I put myself out there to see what would bite.  After months of patience, determination, networking and ambition, I landed a new job.    A job that I desperately wanted and can still not believe it is mine. 

If there are only a few things you ever take from reading my blog, I hope you try to remember this piece of advise.   Life fly's by and it is important that you try to live each moment to the fullest.   For the majority of your life, you will spend it working and sleeping.   Depressing I know, but it is true.    If work is really a place and thing we spend a large part of our lives doing, then why not try to make sure it is something you enjoy?  Something you look forward too?   At the end of every day, I would like for everyone to have peace of mind knowing that they are doing and/or learning things that interest them, have meaning, or better yet, enjoy doing.

Our careers become a part of us and I hope that you never lose sight of your hopes and dreams.   It is never too late to take a risk with your career and try something new.   Speaking from experience, this career move and change was a hard decision to make because I do love my team and enjoyed working with them.   However, I had to look out for #1 (myself) and do what is best for me.     

Now, I wake up every morning with my spring back in my step, excitement in my eyes, and I love what I am doing.    My new job allows me to do "good" every day.   I get to work with a variety of nonprofits and individuals who are mission driven, charitable people whose careers are focused on making a difference in the world somehow.   Sure there will be good days and bad days, but that is life.    There will always be good days and bad days to some extent and the most important thing is to make the most of them no matter what!

I promise that once I am allowed to go into more depth about what my change is and what I am doing now with my career, I will absolutely share it.    Until then, I will try to get back onto my more regular blogging schedule. 

To end this post, I want to thank you readers and followers.   It has been a real honor sharing my life experiences, stories and thoughts with you.   I hope you will continue to follow me and hopefully learn some things along the way.   I want to not only continue to inspire myself but to inspire you in some way too.



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