Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flipping for a Good Cause

Who knew young professionals were so charitable!!   Time and time again, I am truly inspired by how many people are willing to come out to support charitable causes.  

Our most recent event was last Saturday and it was a riot.    The fundraiser was a Flip Cup Tournament in Wrigleyville and it was a blast.    Teams were dressed up in costumes, people were dancing, and smiles were on everyone's faces.   We had 64 registered teams and by the end of the day, we raised $14,673- setting a new social event record for the YAB!!  

All of the proceeds from the event are donated to support Children's Memorial Pediatric Brain Tumor Department.    This video shows why I am so passionate about the mission behind our board.   The children we help are symbols of strength, power, determination, and courage.    The surgeries, treatments, and lifestyle changes some of these children have to go through, is at times hard to grasp.    Despite everything the children want to live life to the fullest and that is why I love being on this board because we do everything and anything to help make their lives the best they can be.    You can read more about our mission at 

I thought I would share some photos from this fundraiser.   Courtesy from the amazing Jordan Quinn Photography  and some photos provided by others.  

My Team!

Thank you everyone who supported our Flipper Bowl.    I am so incredibly excited because we are so blessed to have people who are interested in supporting this worthy cause.    We already cannot wait to host our next Flipper Bowl tournament and to continue to plan more events benefiting pediatric brain tumor research.    

One last thing.   This video has really helped me stay inspired on all my volunteer work I am doing for YAB.   Our board is hoping to raise enough money to be able to contribute to the capital campaign for the new hospital.    This video says it all.    The staff, nurses, and doctors who support this hospital inspire me.    Without them and the donors, none of the work that is done would be possible.   However, my real heroes are the children who fight both inside and outside of  the walls of Children's Memorial Hospital everyday.  

Who are your heroes?    Have you been to a fundraiser lately?    Who was the benefiting cause?    Why do you give to charitable causes?    I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.~ Winston Churchill

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