Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drama Queen

Drama Queen.   This term is used from time to time between girls to describe how one is acting.   A drama queen, according to urban dictionary means,  someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal.   Someone who blows things way out of proportion when ever the chance is given.   Sadly, I am caught in a situation that includes a drama queen.   No one likes to be called a drama queen, and almost every girl at some point in their life has been called one or something similar, including myself.   Being called a drama queen can be hurtful trust me, but in this instance, drama queen is the perfect descriptive word for my scenario.

I am currently working with a drama queen on a special occasion that has recently taken a turn for the worst.   Working with this drama queen to plan a good friends baby shower has officially sucked all of the fun and enjoyment out of the experience.   I am embarrassed and mortified that four grown women who should be able to plan a special party for one of their best friends without a hitch, are having to grovel and bow to the queen.   This weekend the tiara and throne were displayed by the queen and have officially made planning a party difficult and as un-enjoyable as possible.   Why?    Is it because she wants to win the "best friend" card?    To have something to complain about?    To make everyone want to give up so that she can take over?   I wish I knew her reasoning. 

How does one stand up to a drama queen and a  micromanager?   How can I refrain from fearing this person and allowing them to knock me down?   The sad thing is that this person thrives on drama and constantly seeks it.   No matter what I say or do, she wants to turn it into drama ammunition, putting me in a difficult place.    Drama makes me close down and question myself whether I did something wrong, even when I know it is not me.  

Life is unpredictable and sometimes we will run into instances where we have to work with difficult people.   People who nitpick, micromanage, criticize and critic everything and anything.   Working in the wedding industry I know that I will need to be prepared for when I have a Bridezilla.    WE TV actually has a show called Bridezillas and it is quit entertaining.   (To see first hand what a bridezilla is like, you can watch a few of their episodes here).   Stress can cause people to crank down and turn into different people.   I know I can handle stressful situations, interact with a variety of personalities, and always willing to take the bullet when necessary. 

So now my questions for you readers.   When you are caught in a moment where you are being blamed, criticized, or lectured, how do you respond?   How do you deal with a dramatic person?   Do you defend yourself?   Do you take the punch and let them win?   I would love your advise.

To my current drama queen (a name I will not say) you may thrive off of drama and crave it but I am not going to let you get to me.   Your words are hurtful, uncalled for, and unnecessary.    My life does not need your tantrums, games or jabs, and I wish you would realize how much you are hurting yourself by trying to knock others down.   I wish I could help you but I am afraid your drama queen days are far from ever being over.   All I can do is continue to go about planning the shower and enjoy my life one day at a time.    I hope one day your drama queen days are over and that you realize making others "fear" you is not the ideal way to life. 

There comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up.   It's realizing you don't need certain people and the drama they bring.  ~ Unknown

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