Thursday, October 21, 2010

Proud to be a Spartan

The best weekend as a college alum is homecoming weekend.  Despite only occurring once a year, this event gives alumni the opportunity to escape from the real world and return to their former "stomping" grounds.  The perfect excuse to make the trip back to the place where you grew not only as a person but to the place that helped you discover who you want to be in the world.

My school lies on the banks of the Red Cedar river on one of the largest and most agriculturally diverse campuses in the world- Michigan State University.  Land of the Spartan where students yell with pride "Go Green" "Go White" and are not afraid to wear their school colors.  Now being an alumni, my pride of being a Spartan grows deeper and deeper with each passing year and I continue to see the value in it.

Last weekend was my third homecoming as an alumni of Michigan State.  The one event a year that brings old friends and roommates together for a fun filled reunion.  Coming from a family where both parents are alumni of Michigan State in addition to other relatives, I have had the Spartan pride in me from the very beginning.  Having my little sister in her freshman year, I was even more ecstatic to go this particular homecoming because I could finally celebrate being a Spartan with her.  My weekend was full of nostalgia. Seeing the people who were such a large part of my college experience and revisiting the places that are meaningful to me, reignited the pride I have for my school.  Sometimes I really miss my college life and cannot believe I graduated over three years ago.  But of course that chapter of my life was going to end regardless but keeping the tradition of revisiting the school and maintaining the friendships helps keep those college days alive. 

While in college it is so easy to be distracted with classes, activities, and having a social life that you do not realize how lucky you are to be apart of such an amazing place.  The years spent in college truly mold you and prepare you for life after college.  Without the late nights studying, challenging classes, deep friendships, and countless learning experiences,  I would not be the person I am today.

With my sister only months into her Freshman year at State,  I can already tell that she is on the path for an unforgettable college experience.  I am so excited for my sister to experience and live each year of college to the fullest so that she can return back (just like her big sister) and feel what school pride truly means. She will learn what it means to be an alumni and how much of a community Michigan State has.  No matter where I go or what I do with my life, the one thing that I will always have is the pride and appreciation I have for my school.

Do you have school pride?  What is your definition of school pride?  What is a meaningful place at your college?

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