Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crazy Busy

When people ask how you are doing, how often does your response include the word "busy?"  What was once a common descriptive word is suddenly becoming a "numbed" word.  I overly use this word and even add adjectives to enhance my use or even replace it with other words.  For example: busy is now "crazy busy" or "insanely busy," or to change it up, "so overwhelmed," "extremely booked," "in-over-my-head."  How did this happen and when did this become okay?  Many people feel like they live in a world that is always in a rush and moving faster and faster with no sign of ever slowing down.

Today is a day where I am feeling overwhelmed and overbooked.  I know I am not alone in feeling this way and I take comfort in that.  If you feel busier than you’ve ever been and wonder how this happened and don't know how to keep up with the pace of the world around you, have no fear because you are hardly alone.

Being busy is not always a problem.  Constantly busy at work means the work you are doing is important and there is a need and value for what you are doing.  However, being busy in all areas of your life (both inside and outside of work) is a problem for almost all of us.

Our world is fast paced because we make ourselves accessible 24/7 through so many different channels.  I am extremely guilty of this and in some ways addicted.  On top of being always available we are constantly on the go from one thing to the next trying to fill our every minute with tasks, meetings and plans.  Even now I am struggling to not take on too much and not double book myself.  Putting all my tasks, plans, and upcoming activities in my phone and work calendar is helpful, but to really improve I need a lifestyle change.  I need to be realistic in planning my schedule so my life isn't crazy busy.

Learning how to juggle a busy life and stay balanced can be extremely difficult and a never ending battle.  A solution that has helped me is figuring out what tasks are obvious for me to give up for that day versus tasks that have to be done.  We all probably have a list of tasks we wish we could snap our fingers and have them be done.  If only life was as easy as Samantha from Bewitched, with a wink of our noses our to-do's were magically done, leaving us more time for the things we want to do rather than need to do.

No matter how much I wish and pray for magical powers, I am the one who is in control.  I know I will make mistakes.  I will overbook myself, forget to do things, and have to let others down by canceling plans or saying I can't; and the only place to put the blame is on me.  It is probably the worst feeling in the world when I have to say "I can't", "I didn't get it done yet," or rare cases, "I forgot."  I hope through trial and error I will find a way to stay afloat in this crazy busy life I lead. 

Until then, all I can do is keep trying and search for ways to improve.  Apologizes can only go so far and I worry all the time that my overbooked schedule is affecting my life.  Is my jam packed life pushing people away?  How do I fix this?  What are other people doing that I am not?  Where do I need to give some things up? These questions are always running in my mind causing me to worry.  This is my biggest self struggle and I desperately want to fix it. 

Do you live a balanced life?  How do you juggle and stay afloat?

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou 

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  1. That was a big reason why I left Chicago and moved to Denver. I felt like I was always stressed out - the noise of the city, the stress of commuting (or parking), the endless items on my to do list, and the fact that everyone in that city is always in a hurry! I needed to be in a city that wasn't always on the go. Where I could get some peace and quiet. I can look out my window and see mountains, trees, stars at night. I can hear nature. I can go downtown shopping, dine, or dance.

    To help balance my life, I do a few things:

    I UNPLUG!!! I keep my blackberry away in my bag with no ringer or vibrate from time to time. I also lift weights without my ipod. If I'm jogging or doing a class, music is necessary, but I let my brain rest while I lift. Read this article, it'll help you realize that you actually NEED to do this for yourself.

    Another thing: I learned to say "no". Its not easy. But you don't have to feel bad about wanting to simplify your life. People are willing to reschedule things - for example, I was asked out on a date this weekend. I'm busy w/ studying, and my good friend and her husband are moving to Providence on Monday, so we have plans Friday and Sunday night. Plus Layla has obedience training Saturday afternoon. Yes, I could squeeze in a date Saturday night, but I decided to schedule it for next week instead. Its really not the end of the world. And as much as I want to go out with this guy, its worth it, to me, to have one weekend night with no plans.

    Sure - we live in an age where we can be available all hours of the day and can schedule things to do in every empty 15 minute slot. That doesn't mean we have to. In fact, we shouldn't. I think everyone just needs to throw their technology aside once a day for even just 30 minutes (preferably more of course). You'll be amazed at what it does for you.