Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crackberry Addict "Anonymous"

When I first heard the word Crackberry, I laughed and thought it was a silly term for people who are obsessed with their blackberry. Who could be obsessed with their phone? Little did I know that I would soon fit the stereotype.

I am officially a Crackberry Addict. My blackberry has become apart of me and is my best friend. I carry it with me everywhere, and I mean everywhere…… When I am out and about my blackberry rides either in my purse, held up to my ear or in my coat pocket. At work it lies on my desktop in its special spot and sometimes it travels with me to meetings- (in case I receive an important email of course). I workout with my phone at the gym, rather than leave it in my locker like most people. My meals are shared with my phone next to my plate- just in case I get an email, a phone call, or a bbm- I am ready. And at night I sleep with it charging alongside my bed so I can check it during the night or right when I wake up. I am a Crackberry addict.

Recognizing my addiction is one thing, but making changes is a different story. Over time one would think that an addiction would slowly fade and you would grow bored- not me! As the months go by, I find myself more addicted to my phone. Who knew how many applications you could get on your phone and ways you can stay in touch with others. My phone holds the key to my networks, social media tools, contacts, calendar- my life. Inside the black and silver shell holds the key to everything. My relationship with my blackberry continues to grow more intense with every new bbm friend I acquire, social media tool I download, and countless emails I receive on a daily basis.

My blackberry makes my life better, but it affects my life too. Instead of being in the moment, my phone wins my attention. I am guilty of talking to someone in person and fiddling on my phone rather than giving them my undivided attention. The flashing red light that notifies me that I have a new message- is what keeps my addiction going. This is no excuse.

As I spend each day glued to my phone, I sometimes realize that my blackberry can only provide me with so much. My phone can be the bearer of bad news, bring joy to my life, keep me always in the “know,” or have the power to unleash a ball of stress and anxiety into me. Needless to say, I have become addicted and my addiction needs to be suppressed. From now on, my messages will be prioritized by importance and not consume me. I need to start living and being more in the moment than wondering who has contacted me and how many unread messages I have. My life does not revolve around my phone and I will not be a Crackberry Addict any longer.

“Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's.” – Joe Bob Briggs

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