Monday, September 24, 2012

A Daily Reminder

I received an email from a past community partner the other day.  I did a campaign with the Arthritis Foundation in Pittsburgh to raise money for heat therapy bears for children with juvenile arthritis.   The campaign was intended to raise awareness that children are being diagnosed with arthritis and that isn't just an "old person" disease.   In the email I received from my community partner, was a link to a blog post from a mother whose child recently received one of the SAK packages. 

The email from the community partner and the blog post are a great reminder for why my job is important.   Sometimes it can be hard to have a tangible connection to the campaign projects I am running, but this blog post is a great reminder to why me and my team continue to do what we do and that we are helping organizations receive funding for items, projects, and initiatives that don't really have a way to otherwise.  Our platform enables organizations to offer individuals a chance to make a meaningful and tangible contribution to them. 

This Mom's story is a daily reminder that I am making an impact and in the lives of others; even if it is as small as providing a heat therapy teddy bear to a little boy. 

How do you remind yourself that you are making a difference?  What keeps you motivated to keep working hard?

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  1. A Daily Reminder

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