Friday, April 27, 2012

Ideation Conference 2012 - Be Human

The 2012 Ideation Conference on May 7-9 in Chicago, IL will focus on creative social good in our world, especially as it relates to human care.  The conference entails some of the most innovative thinkers in this area that are bringing tangible change for millions around the world.

This conference is designed as a conference to assist current professionals in businesses and organizations who work towards human good as well as those desiring to enter the field.  Charles Lee, the founder of Ideation Consultancy, Inc. and author of "Good Idea. Now What?" is the mastermind behind this invigorating conference. 

Groupon is fortunate to be leading one of the track's at Ideation.  Patty Huber, manager of Groupon Grassroots is one of the moderators for our track.  Our topic is "The Art of Collaboration and Finding Unexpected Partnerships."  Our track is filled with some of Chicago's most influential and innovative individuals, all of whom have succeeded by forming partnerships and collaboration.   I am very excited to hear their insights and success stories of the work they have done for this city.

Other topics at this conference include, "Leveraging Social Media for Social Good" (with Claire Diaz Ortiz of Twitter, Paull Young of charity: water, and Mark Horvath of – Sponsored by the W Hotels of Chicago) and "The Courtship of Fundraising: The Core Functionality & Importance of Relationships in Raising Funds" (with Keith Kall of World Vision). 

The speakers list in general for this conference is truly inspiring and energizing.  I think it is truly remarkable that people from different backgrounds, experiences, and careers come together for events like Ideation.  I already cannot wait to meet everyone and learn from them.   You all know how much of a nonprofit, go-getter do-gooder gal I am, and this conference is like my mecca.   There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than meeting some of the biggest game-changers in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

If you live in Chicago, are planning on coming to Chicago, or need an excuse to come to Chicago, then I highly recommend you come to Ideation.  I promise you will not leave disappointed. 

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