Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Social Butterfly Struggling to Fly

If you haven't noticed I have been pretty M.I.A.   September and October have been my busiest months yet and it's not work that is getting in the way.   For those of you following me via Twitter, Foursquare or my blog (or lack there of posts), you have probably noticed that I am always out being social.

Accordingly to Urban Dictionary, I am what you call a Social Butterfly. "Someone who is VERY social and easygoing."   My whole life I have been a social butterfly but lately my socialite life has gotten a little out of hand.   These past months I have been busy attending Social Media Club of Chicago events, volunteering and attending Chicago Ideas Week events, weekly Young Associates Board meetings to evenings hanging out with friends.   On top of it, September and October happen to be "hot" months to get married, so SweetChic Events has been busy bee's working weddings almost every weekend!

Don't get me wrong I LOVE being social and feel so blessed to have social activities almost every night, BUT I AM EXHAUSTED.   Exhausted from constantly being go-go-go and not taking care or time for myself.

Being social leaves less time to do things for you.  For example time to work out, do chores, and sleep.   These two months of countless social events has caused me to wear down.   This week especially has made me feel the aftermath of my late evenings and constant movement.   I can barely get out of bed in the morning and am finding myself barely keeping my eyes open by the time 10:00pm rolls around.  

How does Kim Kardashian do this?  I wish I knew her secrets!!  But even Kim one of the busiest and most publicized socialite goes through times of sheer exhaustion.   Exhaustion from being booked all the time and having to constantly be go-go-go.  (If only I had a stylist, make-up artist, and personal chauffeur like her than I wouldn't mind).

I know the holidays are coming up which means a really busy time of the year.   I happen to LOVE this about the holidays but I want to make sure that I am fresh and ready for them and not worn down beforehand making me even more worn down when they arrive.

Starting next week, which is a new month, I am going to work on setting aside some evenings each week for me.   Even when I try to leave at least one evening open for me to go to the gym, lay on the couch, or get some lingering chores done, my calendar ends up being completely booked.   I need to make time for me and really make a point of sticking to this goal.   My body doesn't feel as healthy, my mind is exhausted and I know I am sleep deprived.    Lattes can only help so much and it is an expensive bad habit. :)

So.   Starting next week, I will be making time for me to focus on doing things for myself.   Kick my butt at the gym, FINALLY finish reading my Eat, Pray, Love book that I have been "sitting" on for over five months and spend an evening on the couch if I want too.  

Being a socialite can be addicting and may be I need to send myself to a mini rehab.   Learn to say no to a few social events so that I can have days of relaxation or "me" time.   We all need them and most definitely deserve them, it's just a matter of making yourself take them.  

How do you keep your schedule from overflowing?   Do you make a point of giving yourself days just for you to relax or do things for you?


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