Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real-Life Princess

What girl doesn't imagine what their life would be like as a princess?   Living the fabulous life of royalty and being with your loving, dreamy prince.   I know I certainly did.    Princesses were a HUGE part of my childhood.    I would play dress-up in my princess clothes, idolize over the Disney princesses and play my favorite game- Pretty Pretty Princess with my friends.    I would fantasize about my life being Princess Ariel (in case you didn't know, she is my favorite Disney princess) and what it would be like being with (imaginary) Prince Eric.      

Even though those fantasy days are long gone and I am now an adult, I feel like my fairy-tale dream has come true in some ways.    The crown, royalty and finances may not be there, but I do feel like I have found my prince Eric.    I have even joked with my boyfriend saying he looks like Prince Eric.  (He has dark hair and strong features like Prince Eric.)     He adores me, loves me, and cares for me.   He knows how to make me feel like a princess and treats me with love, respect, and devotion.   All things that demonstrate my idea of what a real prince is really like.

Even now as we are in the final hours up to the Royal Wedding, my princess dreams remain somewhat intact and I am thrilled to be alive to see a real royalty wedding.    Kate Middleton and Prince William have won the hearts of others around the world with their love, class, dedication, and fun-loving personalities.    They have taken on the responsibilities of royalty and show no signs of slowing down.   Friday marks an important day for not only Britain but for woman everywhere.    We get to watch and fantasize as Kate Middleton walks down to the aisle to her future husband and become what every girl dreams about being, a princess.     

Weddings are such a special day and I cannot WAIT to see all of the details of the royal wedding.   The flowers, Kate's dress, the cake, the guests, the music and of course their first kiss as Prince and Princess.   There are so many details that everyone is waiting for and I plan on watching the entire ceremony and cherishing this moment.    Friday will be a day that everyone will remember, especially woman no matter what the age, living vicariously through soon-to-be Princess Kate.  

I wish Kate and Prince William all the best and to never forget that love, honesty and devotion are three important ingredients in making a marriage/relationship last a lifetime.  Cheers to them and their lives together.

What is your favorite Disney Princess?  Have you found your Prince?   Are you planning on watching the Royal Wedding?    What are you looking forward to the most about the Royal Wedding? 

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