Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Your Body

We all strive to be healthy.  Whether it is trying a new diet or workout, changing our bad habits, or altering our routines, the main goal is to do something good for you.  I am always looking for ways I can improve my health and do my body some good.  But what does it really mean to love your body?

Being a woman is tough especially in this day and age.  We are constantly being hit with images of how the “ideal” woman is suppose to look, dress and act, and believe these “icons” when they say it is easy to look like them, when in reality it is not.  Even though they are not the "norm" it is really hard to ignore and not compare yourself to the women we see in the multimedia and learning how to turn your comparisons into motivators really helps. Instead of focusing on looking like these images, focus on what positive things people are doing for themselves and let that inspire you.  We need to love the body God gave us and embrace it every single day.

Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty
When you truly love your body and accept it the way it is, it is amazing how much more confident and happy you are.  It is never too late for you to make changes and if there are things you want to start or stop doing then why not go for it?  The healthy habits we form now will only benefit us that much more when we are older, and that in itself motivates me every day.  Right now where I am in my life, I am working on ways to show my body more love.  Aside from me growing more confidence in myself, I have some bad habits that I am hoping to break.  I do not know how well or how long these lifestyle changes will do but I am determined to give them a chance.  Of course I know that sometimes circumstances can get in the way of plans, but my main goal is to focus and work on each thing one day at a time.

Jessica’s- Love My Body Plan:
• Drink more water every day- soda, lattes, ice tea and wine are not substitutes.

• Take a daily vitamin (even if it is princess Gummie vitamins those still count.)

• Add more fiber into my diet.

• Grocery Shop at least once a week (fresh produce must be purchased, not just non-perishable foods).

• Listen to my body when I know I am in need of relaxation and/or sleep (Goal- learn how to take naps)

• Bring lunch to work at least 1 day a week (leftover food from meetings does not count).

• Go for a walk outside once a week with no music or cell phone (no cheating).

• Designate more time for me to spend with my faith.

• Go to bed early- Midnight is not considered early.

Some of you may think my list is silly or odd, but for me these are currently my bad habits that I am trying to break.  As I try my plan, I may find some things are just too hard to break or that I need to add or alter some items on my list and that is okay.  All I want is for me to grow more confidence in myself and truly love the person I am inside and out.

What do you love about yourself?  Do you have things that you want to start doing for you?  What new habits have you started doing lately?

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~Kahlil Gibran

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