Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Goals, New Me

In one week I will be in my new place. I will be in a new neighborhood, a new apartment and living with my dear friend Katlin. This brings the perfect opportunity for me to set new goals for myself. Goals that have been hovering over my head like black clouds following me everywhere.

Sometimes you need to undergo a big change or transition to motivate yourself to do the things you have been wanting (or thinking) about doing. As I pack up my belongings and arrange my move, I find myself thinking of my new goals.

Goal #1: Start doing workout classes again. Yes, believe it or not I was once a workout class junky. The kickboxing classes, zumba (a dance inspired workout class), spinning, and the different yoga classes- I loved them all. Thinking about these classes right now makes me smile. Of course rocking out to my favorite songs on my zune (and soon itouch) is great, but it still isn't enough. I need change and variety back in my life. I am stuck in a workout rut and need to spice it up. Doing the elliptical and spinning gives me the workout high I love so much, but I miss the variety. I miss punching the air to Black Eyed Peas or doing hip-hop dance moves to Britney Spears latest hit. Those are more of a Jessica style workout than just going on the elliptical. So starting the first week in September, I am going to attend at least 1 workout class a week. Stay tuned.

Now onto Goal #2: Become a cook. For those of you who know me, I am a pretty bland eater. I love simple and easy foods, especially those meals you can make in 20 minutes that consist of throwing something into an oven or onto a George Foreman (easy I know). Moving into my new apartment with a HUGE kitchen and now with a new set of Calpalon pots and pans (thanks mom!), it is time for the Martha Stewart side of me to flourish. Starting September 1st I am going to open up my cookbooks, buy the correct groceries and attempt to cook. I am fully prepared for burnt/dry meals, meals that go immediately into the trash, and back-up meals just in case. If I want to be able to entertain for my friends and family I need to start practicing and learning. No more putting this off, I have the PERFECT kitchen and quite frankly I am running out of excuses why I shouldn't start.

My New Kitchen

I need to start my new goals right away once I move. If I give myself too much time to "settle" into my new apartment and wait to form a routine, I know I won't start my goals. These are two things I love, working out and eating so why should I stop putting off my goals? So here I go. It is time to make moves and get started.

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