Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank You

Dear Mom, 
There is so much for me to be thankful for in my life. I find myself reminded of how lucky I am and a lot of it is because of you. Around this time of the year, I am especially reminded of how much I appreciate you and how important you are to me. Growing up, I would sometimes take you for granted (especially during my stubborn teenage years). I always depended on you to do things for me, being there for me, all the while juggling two other kids, a career, and a family. Looking back, I don’t know how you managed to do it all. Never missing a diving match, a volleyball game, choir concerts, school assembles, sports practices, dance recitals, classroom parties, and so much more. You were SUPERMOM and always have been.   
It took for your scare to wake me up and realize how much I truly need you in my life. To think cancer was taking over inside of you when you were not even aware and when it was discovered you immediately went into battle. You are truly one amazing women. Ever since I was little, I have looked up to you, idolized you, and wanted to be just like you. 
I remember going to work with you. Spending days sitting at my own big girl desk in your office busy coloring you pictures and practicing my handwriting (pretending to be working hard like you). I would take breaks to chat with Jennifer in your office and visit my friends in the shops on your floor just like you did, talking to them about who knows what. I loved spending those days with you at the office and remember feeling a sense of pride despite being so little. But then I became an employee for a few summers working with you, except no coloring books would be out, I was there to work. I loved spending those summers helping you prepare for your Annual Dinner’s and helping around the office, being able to see “working mommy” in full action.  People would say I was the mini-you and I couldn’t help but feel pride inside. I may look just like you, but I want to be just like you.  
Not only do you know me better than anyone else, but throughout my life you have taught me many vital lessons, even lessons that were hard on me. You play so many roles in life and you are always there for me for everything and anything no matter what. You have taught me the value and importance of family. How to find balance everything in my life. You are the person I share my secrets and triumphs with because I know you will never judge. You have been a shoulder for me to cry on when times were tough and a listening ear when I needed to vent. You are the person I turn to when I need advice and help solving my life problems.  
I am so grateful to have my Mom as my best friend. Even when we don’t see eye-to-eye you still love me with all your heart. How lucky am I to have a mother who will love me no matter what! I hope you know Mom how much I adore you and appreciate everything you have done and do. You are not only a joy to be around, but you have a heart of gold that is filled with love, compassion and ambition. Your passion for life is contagious and seen by everyone who is around you.  
The bond we have is special and unbreakable. We are connected in ways only mothers and daughters truly understand. You fill a part of me with something wonderful and I cannot imagine it every going away. Time goes by so quickly and I want to make sure I am always cherishing every memory, moment and phone call with you. You have done so much for me mom and I know one day my time will come to be what you are to me for my own children.   
Thank you for everything. I could not ask for a better mom. I love you with all my heart. 
Love from your dolly girl, 

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